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(64.51 KB 608x1080 meth11.jpg)
Where to Buy Crystal Methamphetamine Online, Reliable source, Shows 100 % proof of legitimacy Drugporn01 12/18/2019 (Wed) 22:54:19 No. 2
If you lost your regular drug connect, he got killed, locked or jailed, went missing or travelled and youre tired of waiting because you need your shit, then i believe you need an honest, loyal, fast and trustworthy person to keep supplying them to you no matter your location. Dont get scammed by these scumbags online, Real should recognize real.
So here's the deal If you need some pretty bloody good cold ice packs for your esky (crystal meth not leaving out anything white), then get in touch,

Telegram: Drugporn01
WhatsApp: +1 (408) 412-0793
Wickr: Drugporn01
Email: lemybeauty@protonmail.com

Will sometime need a bit of notice depending on request. Karma is coming to all of us one day. You get what you give. Straight up no bs, smooth and effective from both me and you.
The following can change, but is an example for the dusty and icey.
1/4 oz =$250
1/2 oz =$325
1 Oz(28g)=$500
1/4 pound =$850
1/2 pound =$1250
1 pound = $1800

So don't come telling me ma price is too good to be true and vice versa cause i won't take that. This is no organization but a personal and recognized business- cartel on his own.
The amount depends on how it rates and how much demand there is for a specific batch. E.g
-good batch= Inflated rates on
-average batch= discounted rates.

ONLY Crypto payments accepted (bitcoin is an example)
Those in LA can link up for the goodies. Happy to negotiate, PICK UP and DELIVERY. Happy to travel within season. (Meth head, others call it tweaker)
Get in touch if you wanna get your toke on!

A lot have been hitting me up to buy stuff. If you're hitting me up, be serious, don't waste my time. Like think to yourself for a brief moment that YOU'RE HITTING ME UP, not the other way around. How do you honestly think it will work? I'll give you my location and we can meet. Uh....NO. If you want something shipped, OBVIOUSLY payment is going to be needed first. I swear there are some mfs that can't use their heads. If you
are going to a random stranger and asking for product, then you should have thought of everything including risk. I'm not trying to fuck anyone over. As ALL you can see I DON'T NEED TO based on my weekly pictures. I'M GOOD. If you think I got all these Pills, powder, and much more by fucking people over, then you trippin' Don't hit me up to tell me your previous stories with the play boys playing with your dollars or telling me how you been scammed before, like "motherfucker you were just so fucking dumb not to recognize real from a fake" If you serious let's do business, if not then keep moving along bro.
Stay wise
Stay low
Hit me up
NB: Once you receive product, If not satisfied, please return for a refund.

Telegram: Drugporn01
WhatsApp: +1 (408) 412-0793
Wickr: Drugporn01
Email: lemybeauty@protonmail.com
why not make your own? its only a simple reduction of ephedrine using household chemicals


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