The Goal

Floridachan.com aims open up a space for the free flow of thoughts and ideas, unimpeded by corporate interests, and not filtered by the ego. Since the posts are anonymous (generally), it allows people to really express things that they may not feel comfortable sharing under the umbrella of a user account that ties their impermanent ideas to their actual being. Thoughts are all temporary, and so is life. Chans allow for beauty and clarity to rise out of that chaos and randomness. It also creates a space where we can practice our First and Fourth Amendment rights.

The Purpose

More tangibly, Floridachan a place to dump funny Florida memes and weird pictures from around the state. It's also a place to discuss things related to the Sunshine State and life in general. Florida is quite unique, and it deserves its own image board and discussion site.

The Potential

The public will shape what Floridachan is really about. As it stands, each board is an empty vessel. It's up to the users to decide what they'd like to fill them with.